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18th June  2021

Participating artists:

Lazare Lazarus - Elliot_Z -
Leon Chevalier - Stany Mire


Performances by:
Pigboy - King Baxter - Milka 
Mbenga Kongi - Sheylah


The Shame Project is a group exhibition curated by Chris Miller (La Garçonnière Prod.) as a result of a 2-week residency at the brand new gallery SHAME, in the heart of Brussels' Sablon. Nine queer artists are invited to share their works as well as create in-situ installations or performances, illustrations, photography, video and multimedia. They will be exploring influences of sex(uality) and artificial paradises, from inspiration, fantasy to addiction, in today's art production and within our communities, going through dreamy proposals for a better erotica.

An opening show will present an exclusive evening of poetry reading, performance and music.

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