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“Straight to freedom

     مستقیم، آزادی”

Curated by Kimia Nasirian and Haleh Chinikar
10.12.2022- 10.02.2023


Participating artists:

Niyaz Azadikhah - Mashid Mohadjerin -

Fa Razavi - Sanne De Wolf - Steven Cruz - Darius Dolatyari Dolatdoust - Simon Lavenne - Diane Marie Uwase

Performance by:




In Farsi,  the title of the exhibition, «straight to…» is used to hail a cab in Iran. One of Tehran’s major roundabouts, where a lot of roads intertwine, is called «Azadi», signifying freedom. 


The show aims to raise awareness about the ongoing Iranian uprising and bloodshed which started with the death of Mahsa Amini on the 16th September 2022, at the hands of Iran’s regime.


The artworks exhibited are direct calls for freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom to love, and freedom to keep on living, regardless of these choices.


“Straight to freedom مستقیم، آزادی “ aims at exploring the basic human rights that are banned in Iran. What is obvious here, in Iran might be  hidden in the deepest layers of daily life; this is why we chose artists courageous enough to tackle taboo, blending the unique, the colorful and the minimal into compelling artworks. We invite you reflect on the differences between our cultures, and on how you can make a difference for the women of Iran.




 The artists reflect on bodies, on their confinement within societal norms, or their fragility before state violence. Each of these artists lives their creative process as a means to escape these confines. Using fabric, cobblestones, or clay, they reclaim the space that they inhabit. Their work stands as an expression of their existence.

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