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Donkere Materie

11.03.2022 - 11.04.2022

Participating artists:

Amat De La Gueye - Ophelie Mac - Llewelyn Mguni - Pache

Donkere Materie is about emerging from the dark into the light, exploring space, entering the unknown, defying the impossible. It’s about creating the future where nobody needs to chant they matter because it’s as logical as physics.

Donkere Materie is a rebellious, revelling relief, an explosion of a reality that too often is neatly organised on the walls of white cubes, within the rigid boundaries of white frames.

Donkere Materie is a celebration of bodies escaping through creative expression after centuries of oppres- sion, blooming into the light with love, anger, passion, and life.

The Show seeks to promote young artists of Belgian residencewho identify with black culture. Discussing the future of diversity in our society via painting, sculpture, video and performance.


Amat De La Gueye

Painting as vivid as the colours you see via the screen of a smartphone: subject matter fragmented, switching randomly, defined by an unknown algorithm, going from snippets of video of old computer games, to breaking news, to just a landscape.

Ophelie Mac

Ophélie Mac aka Mac coco is an activist afro-feminist artist she defines herself as a ceramist-perfomer, since 2012 she lives and works in Brussels, she is at the initiative of the platform: FATSABBATS for and by QUEER POC communities.

Her work questions her dual mixed culture, her religions, her beliefs, her intimacy and her relationship with the public.

During the performance "Everything must disappear" the artist invokes the exoticization or absence of black bodies in contemporary art, taboos, care, and puts these questions in parallel between the art market and the market. of sex.

She invites herself to fairs (blood sausage fair, contem- porary art fair) or to your home during “tupperware” demonstrations to present her Encastrables: ceramic godimichet made by her in her kitchen in Brussels 1000.

She explains why ceramic is fantastic!

she answers your technical or more intimate questions and sells them directly!

Who is she? What is she selling? Where? How? 'Or' What? For which audience?

Llewelyn Mguni

A celebration of the black queer femme body which lives in a society that consistently treats it with hate and prejudice. Looking back at traditional and cultu- ral customs in various African tribes that many of us belong to, as well as the evolution and pride of black queer bodies. Dark matter is a love letter to the beauty, power and resilience of the black human spirit.


Pache is neither black or white. His African roots makes him mixed race. Although he lived all his life in Belgium, he was raised in a Portuguese/Angolan culture. The faces in the painting are dead souls, and the various plants displayed in the composition represent life and rebirth. This duality between life and death is often depicted in Pache's work. "Screaming Soul" as a powerfull meaning, it expresses the pain and sadness felt by the artist during the creation of this piece. This painting can be interpreted as the duality that the artist feels towards his origins.

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