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Tales Frey

Tales Frey (Catanduva-São Paulo, Brazil, 1982). Even though Tales Frey can hastily be called a performer, the title, in fact, does not account for the many languages that cross his transdisciplinary investigations. Driven primarily by drawing and the body, the artist built a path that accumulates experiences from the scenic universe, such as acting, costume design, dramaturgy, scenography and theatrical direction, in addition to dance and choreography, and visual art languages, such as sculpture, objects, photography and video art. His practice is based on studies of art criticism, gender theories, performativity and others, in an aesthetic radicalism supported by a deep desire for artistic experimentalism and a vast contemporary cultural repertoire. Committed to propositions that challenge what he calls “compulsory cisheteronormativity”, his thinking and art practice are also activist.

He is concluding his postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Humanistic Studies at the University of Minho in Portugal, where he is a Professor and Assistant Researcher in the scientific area of Arts or Aesthetics.

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