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16th July  2021


A performative installation by Jonas Büßecker


Participating artists:

Helene De Bruxelles - Llewelyn Mguni

Curated by: Hosek Contemporary

Music by: Finn Nele

Photography by: Ioannis Pallas

In his work, Jonas Büßecker declines the aesthetic moment of tension with a self-evident like consistency. He is interested in the sphere of activity of this moment - the gap between space and body. Büßecker (born in 1990) lives and works in Berlin since 2016. Between 2011-2016 he studied art therapy in the south of Germany. 


Established by Petr Hošek in 2016, Hošek Contemporary is a gallery and art residency located on a historical cargo ship next to Fischerinsel in Mitte, Berlin. The gallery focuses primarily on site-specific pieces, performing arts and experimental sound works. During the spring and summer months, the gallery is hosting weekly improvised and experimental music installations, with local and international musicians.


With the kind support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. 

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